Finally Over!! – Journal (day9)

So, this week was the seminar and it was great. The holiday didn’t hurt as much as it felt like it did the week before and we got what we needed. All my speakers came on time, everything was prepared and well presented. My moderator was also prepared and really fit the aesthetic of the topic. She captured the essence of each speaker perfectly and transitioned smoothly. There was, of course, little audience and little interest from some faculty from the reactions my photos got at the entrance. It showed me though, that maybe the conversation I started, needs to be continued. Hopefully I reach I wider audience this time round.

It feels good to finally feel the finish line.


So Over It… – Journal (day8)

It’s the last day of the holiday weekend and I wish I had enough time to get my printing done. But, I’m not sweating it. My speakers have showed that their ready and I am not worried at all. This will be a short post as there isn’t much to say. However, I have discovered the difficulty of printing at home now, so there will be one more thing added to my list to printed tomorrow.

Otherwise I’m in good standing. Excited, but already feel like I’m finished with the extended holiday and time to rest.

Getting closer to the date – Journal (day7)

It’s a few days before the seminar and a few days after the show and I’m trying to force myself not to relax too much and forget what I need to do. However, this holiday doesn’t really help the situation. Nowhere is open. I have quite a bit to print and the lack of business practice going on is frustrating.

That’s why there’s always a Plan B. We print as much as possible on Tuesday and get the final prep out of the way. I’m not stressed – I’m trying not to be. Just hate the fact that all the seminars are being held up for a few days due to this holiday weekend. But, as I’ve come to accept, ;This too shall pass’.

I did it!! – Journal (day13)

We’re almost there guys. I’ve been working on all my display objects and waiting on the banner we finally ordered.


I have two days before the actual show and my excitement and stress are at an all-time high. We’re waiting on the banner and still have a few more things to finish up. Painting out these words on fabric is harder than I thought and, though I didn’t want to, I waited a bit till last minute to start the process. However, with my sister’s help I got to finish the painting in time.


The day before is relaxing, but still highly stressful. I’m not sure that makes much sense. We’ve been combating the stress with our favourite shows and jokes. Still painting and getting final touch ups done. We’ve created a checklist and have put what we need in box for easy carry. Now to get sleep and wait for the morning.


“Today is the day and I am running late. I don’t think it will be so bad though, it shouldn’t take long for set up.” But oh how wrong I was. I was working on the banner till the eleventh minute. The banner didn’t have the holes used to hang it, that was per request. But we were told that we would be getting tape strong enough to hold it. That did not happen. We get a last minute call that the tape they had wasn’t strong enough for the banner. Sigh…I don’t know what to about this but I don’t feel like thinking about it. So with help from my sister and classmates I am just trying to get the rest of the exhibition up.

But even more good news for the day comes from my dancers. All three girls have a class the very time of my event and, I’m guessing, though they were ‘trying to work it out’, is that the performance element is complete shot. I’m under so much pressure that I want to just stop. Unfortunately, I can’t. I want this event to happen, I want to see this vision come to life. I will just have one less element to execute.

The banner, the banner is still on the ground! I finally get someone to help with hanging the banner and he takes maybe thirty minutes to do so. I’m so glad for that and I get the banner up around 5 pm – an hour before my event. My sister has left to go home and change and bring my change of clothes too. I am frantic, not stressed, just frantic. Honestly, Ms. Gore’s presence and constant nagging made it hard not to be stressed when pointing out things I am aware of in such a worried manner. I’m not worried! I was also not in the mood for anyone trying to make me worry or lose my cool and then breakdown.

I made it. With all the pressure, I made it through the night. There were changes to the programming, obviously, but the people present found the whole thing enjoyable. Plus…I got a few books sold too! Please note that these books were for display and persons still felt the need to buy them. I was proud and happy with the outcome and just straight up relieved that everything was done. Now to go home and sleep.


Things don’t seem to end – Journal (day12)

I still have to get the prints done. At this stage of the implementation, even with this little time left, I still have many things left to do. The good news is that I have the fabric needed for the space. This week will be totally on painting and finding the funds to do the printing. Not to mention I cannot get a time to meet with my dancers. However, they have their copy of the recording so I expect that they have heard what they will be dancing to. I working on getting a host, but I really am planning to host the event myself. That was always my plan and I don’t mind it staying that way.

No stress though, I am working through all this with a steady pace and a level head. As I always say, “This too shall pass…I too shall pass.” I can still see the possibility of the event happening regardless of the difficulties now, there is just too much progress made for me to be too upset about the set backs.


There have been a few things happening recently. Though I’ve been  trying to keep up with the journal entries for both the Mic Check Exhibition and Tattoo Seminar, but with so much happening so quickly, this overall update was needed.

Firstly, I spoke to the person-in-charge for Art Stock about selling copies of my book there. Ms Morrison, the one in charge, was thrilled at the idea and even suggested a reading take place at the store as a means of introducing the book to an audience. I thought this was a great idea and will do so after the show, maybe in April, or even at the start of the new semester.


Speaking of the book, I’ve already started the recording for the audio aspect of the Exhibition that the dancers will be performing to. Of course, I couldn’t afford a big professional studio, so I opted for a make-shift one that someone has in their bedroom.


DSC_0124.JPGSo far I’ve recorded four poems and they sound pretty good, considering I don’t like the sound of my own voice. However, this experience is a lot more comfortable and the poems do turn out the way I would like them to. There is a problem with outside sounds affecting the recording, but that is outside of our control.


Also, I have finally been able to go through the layout and design of the venue for the exhibition. It has become a lot more work than I expected, but that was mostly due to the lack of availability of the space at the time. Now that we have a better understanding of the space and what we will need, we can better plan for those things.

At this time, I have hit a great milestone in the progress of my show and I am quite proud. With the help of my sister, who designed most things, I have completed some prints for the show!


Programmes, flyers, business cards and tickets have all been printed. Waiting on shirts and invites before everything is complete, but it’s still progress.


Now on to the seminar. I’ve taken a look at the room to further develop the layout and design of the venue, got two out of three speakers confirmed and have a mediator confirmed for the seminar. It’s not as much progress as I would have liked to have made, but it’s progress. Now I will be working on the printing of the equivalent material needed for the seminar. Once that is done, I think I’ll be in a good place.


A few more weeks and these two projects will come to life. Honestly, I can’t wait, but I’m also a bit overwhelmed by the volume of work I need to do and the lack of help I’m getting from those I’ve put in place to help. Still, the help I am getting, is more than enough to keep all of us afloat. Not to mention, I’m learning a lot about who to trust for help.

Thanks for the support and patients of everyone around me.

So Far… – Journl (day6)

I’ve barely done anything, that’s just due to a bit of stress from doing the show and seminar at once. Measured the seminar room so I can make sure my décor can be better planned. I got one more speaker and a moderator for the seminar. Trying to find contact info for Campbell but that is just not working. Can’t find him anywhere online. Again…I digress.

I do, however, have someone interested in being moderator for the seminar – Ms Deiter. She has expressed her desires and requested to meet in person to get a better idea of the seminar and what she will be required to do. I will also be taking this opportunity to speak with Dr. Campbell before that meeting as it has become known to me that he should be on campus at that time.