Integrity is a Business

This is not another assignment, nothing fancy, just the truth: It pains me to those older than me, those I should look up to – no matter the age difference – act like such childish criminals. If the decorum in the lecture (terrible and highly disruptive) wasn’t bad enough, stealing had to cap it all off.
But when you know who did the crime, it amounts to nothing if they don’t confess. Its not murder or rape or fraud; it’s a simple paper that doesn’t belong to you! And now the reputation of the WHOLE class is at risk because of two (maybe three or four) delinquents that either don’t want to confess or don’t want to seem like an ‘infama’ (informer). I didn’t care! I was the informer and I ratted the culprit out. But what about our lecturer and the guest that was brought in to speak? How do they now look at us as students, as people, as managers? Do they even see us as managers anymore?
This is the kind of thing that spills into your career. No matter how good you are at what you do, there will always be someone that will remember this and warn against you. For this simple little piece of paper you could be black listed. This is on your back for a long time and just like a lecturer and their student, trust will die.
As a matter of fact, who steals a personalized object!? It is too much like the previous owner and there is almost no way to get rid of all the personalized data present. Most of all, you won’t need what they have!
Patients has worn thin with these persons and they have now lost the trust of their colleagues as well. Personally, they are dead. They have no place my life until and unless a lecturer gives same….


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