In The Middle

Mid-Semester. That time of the academic year that an institution tests your learning ability for the short time you have been taught the material. This is college so one semester courses do exist. And…the last time I checked, this was also an ARTS college. So, why are we sitting down and writing what we know? Mind you, this has everything and nothing to do with the fact that I HATE tests and find I remember NOTHING when I sit in front of a paper, but I just think that this ‘Arts College’ has lost its creativity almost totally. Why not have a race; like ‘the first to give the most info on a topic wins’? Or an interactive group quiz? We don’t even have to discuss the answers. the group gets their collective score but the individual’s score is kept in the books. Incentive? We may act old, but we’re never too old for candy! If that’s not good enough then…I don’t know the class can figure it out.

Lecturers shouldn’t be afraid to make the class interesting. Children of a certain age and maturity have short attention spans…well so do young adults! If we don’t wanna take part in this fun lecture then we loose the lesson and the grade. That’s completely on the student. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for written tests for SPECIFIC subjects not all. For those that need that ordinary method, let them be. There’s nothing wrong with good old fashioned practice. It’s still needed sometimes. But where it isn’t needed – don’t use it.

Then again, when those than run, or have been apart of, an institution can admit to the lack of vision for growth of that institution, that’s when one has to ponder upon the vision no one will plant.


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