Jamaica What?

Whose idea was it that a woman should stay in the home? What changed between then and now? When did women become sex symbols and start belittling themselves? Where do Jamaican women fit in the ‘Jamaican aesthetic’? Why does sex sell? How was it acceptable for women to have many children?

This is what Jamaicans should ponder when they see their country being advertised by a woman of another country, when a woman represents them to the world and she looks nothing like you. But of course, that is excused since it was not too long after slavery was abolished – but what about the picture of women now?

We can safely say that our history has some part to play in how we view or women, but time has passed and things have changed. While many fundamental stereotypes have remained, there are many new ones that have made their way into modern Jamaican society. What am I getting at when I say that?

Sexually, men are pushing this notion of having many girls around them at their beck and call, most of which end up being the mother of their child/children but never their wife. “Tan Tuddy” by Aidonia is one such song.

All these ‘girls’ are jiggling and gyrating themselves for this man for what? A money? I hope not! But of course hope dies with situations like these. Especially when our young girls see these videos and are convinced that this is what a man wants. In the same vein, men love to say women don’t know what they want but BOYS don’t either. So telling them they want a lot of girls to be able to do superhuman things in bed is not going to help.

Then again, men are not to blame for this alone. And no, society has nothing to do with it either. It’s the women who want to be respected in this world – or at least this country. They sing about the same thing while telling girls that they aren’t hot because they lack the looks and style it takes. This takes away from the priorities these girls should have and, not to mention their self-esteem.

Many of the ladies in this video have never lived in the situations of which they speak. They’re not ghetto, nor have some of them ever been impoverished. Yet they conduct themselves as such and even lie to get noticed.

Which of these women would you like your daughter to want to idolize?


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