New Conclusion

Growing up in a Christian family for twenty years tends to blur the view of the wider world. Even with a high school level exposure to religions of the world, they seem so close to current information, it becomes redundant to truly explore anything else. But then, the college environment reveals the truths that are otherwise tucked away from their intended audience.

In recent times, I have come to question the real cause of Jamaica’s ‘Social Retardation’ and that of black people in general. The answer: Christianity! Think about it. The only way the Europeans could get us to do their will was to teach us a tainted version of THEIR religion. Nothing was wrong with how Africans were living, it was just not pleasing to the Europeans and seen as uncivilized. But we know that don’t we. And that is what has led me to believe…well more like proved my belief of…the fact that Christianity is not a black religion.

What’s a black religion? Other than anything from Africa? I view it as a religion that uplifts and equates black people, keeping them in touch with their past to enhance their future. Christians discard the past to work towards a possible future. However, this is merely a theory. My opinion, if anything. After doing much research, I have decided to run an..experiment if you will. How would being part of an African religion change my view of myself and the world? Learning about it won’t be enough, so as much as possible I want to practice this religion and its rituals, gods, and all that it means to these people.

With the choice of this religion in the air, this venture may not begin very soon. But I hope to get the best of this experience.


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