Poetry in Jamaica: A Pastime or Career?

For some time in my college life I have wished to study poetry in Jamaica and how it can benefit the culture  of the country. I finally got to do that in my final year of study. I learned a lot about how persons in poetry see the art form but, admittedly, didn’t do enough to see how persons outside would view it. So, after my final year of study, I have decided to start the Beautiful Eccentric Project to raise awareness of poetry in the country to the youths as well as to ensure those in poetry have a means of earning an income.

My next installment in the project is the Social Experiment – where I will be allowing poets to speak on the events of the past year and what it means to them. I want to see how persons react to the pieces they will hear and, if possible, see if and how it changes people. Maybe not now, but as the country develops.

I hope this venture can grow in to something that sees an industry developing for poetry in Jamaica to more than what it already is now. Poetry is what helped keep this country together and I want to see that happen again.


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