Patience is not my strong suit – Journal (day3)

So this week I have also finished the project proposal and will be sending it to my lecturer this evening. I had made plans to go to school today and look about some of the things I may need for the project but the weather has rendered me home bound. Since I had planned to go back to school this coming Monday, I will save all my inquiries till then.

I have contacted Nicole Smythe-Johnson to be my adviser. I am now just waiting on a response. If I am without an adviser in the coming weeks, I will seek the help of anyone the National Gallery can spare.


Sometimes Some Advice is Best – Journal (day2)

So, I saw my adviser earlier this week and she put some things into perspective for me. There are many things that I fail to consider within the very method of this process. After filling me in on all those extra steps in the process, I now have a better understanding of what I will need to achieve in the coming months for this event.

Along with the basics, I will now have to look at:

  • mounting works
  • dancers and their costumes
  • prepping of the area
  • guest speaker (?)
  • program
  • refreshments
  • guest speaker and MC
  • tables for refreshments
  • promotions
  • roles and responsibilities
  • size of team
  • signing book and monitor
  • expansion of budget
  • what is to be printed and when
  • how much staff to be present at event

I will use this list to maintain a steady development in my process. Also, for this project it was advised that I get in touch with a curator to help with this project – at least within the planning stage. I have someone in mind, Nicole Smythe, and will contact her this week for her help. Before that I will need to determine how I will pitch the idea to her. To help with that, I will need to make the necessary adjustments to my proposal.