The first Meeting was the Last – Journal (day6)

After a long wait, my last message was finally responded to. Unfortunately, it was to say that Nicole would not be able to help me with the project. I was already anticipating this as there was no communication and I knew she was overseas.

I have two graphic artists who will do illustrations for different parts of the project. The first, Celia, will be working on the book cover which will double as the background for the marketing material. The second, Lushane, will be doing the illustrations that will be going on the wall hangings. After much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that the wall hangings will have a print on the background with the words of the poems painted on top.

From discussions in class today as well, there were suggestions of another venue for the project is the CAGE Gallery doesn’t work out. The outside area, just below the Gallery was most liked as it would provide a platform for a live performance versus the recorded version of the original project.

The CAGE, however, has already been requested and the hope is now to get the venue and continue forth with the progress as planned.


My first meeting – Journal (day5)

After much waiting and different modes of contact, I finally get through to Nicole. Getting her help, however, will be difficult as she is travelling quite a bit these days and won’t be able to physically meet. But, we are doing our best with digital communication and the difference in time zones. The conversations will be detailed in the remainder of this document.

Another meeting that took place was one with my Lecturer, Ms. Gore. There was a lot that was discussed. There was the possibility of having help from artists, a guest speaker to speak on the design process or on art itself. There was also the suggestion of having a structure in the middle of the exhibition, which gave me the idea of having an illustration of the possible book cover as the last viewing piece. I will need a host, possible performance and speaker. But there are things I think I will keep and things I rather not alter. After reviewing the event, I will make a final decision.

Yet Another Project Needs my Attention – Journal (day1)

I have yet another project that needs to get under way this year – a seminar. I had a hard time finding a theme/topic for the seminar, but I finally found something that I knew I would be excited to present. This seminar will be about tattoos, why it’s an art and its role in culture and society. Refining the concept into a one hour discussion about how people use their bodies was quite difficult. As the research went along there were so many things that came out as possible paths to take with this topic. But, I knew I wanted to make it more related to art and culture than a lecture on people with tattoos.

I am a bit scared of the topic and how persons will take it. I am afraid that people may not take part or attend because of their preconceived notions. However, this is a topic I know I like and want to talk about. I had so many ideas of how I wanted to present this topic and my only duty at this time is choosing which idea will fit best with the message I wish to bring across. Luckily, after some time, I have narrowed my scope and am now working on how to present what it is I have decided to show. It’s a bit tiring but I’m excited nonetheless.

It’s the New Year…Engines are revving. Journal (day4)

Things are slowly starting and the excitement for the show is building with every new development. I have spoken to one of the girls I had in mind for the performance aspect of the show (Jai) and she has agreed to participate. The conversation was short, to the point and she was very willing and excited to be part of this project. Unfortunately, I was still not able to get through to Nicole Smythe-Johnson about the mentorship needed for this project. I was looking forward to working with her on this endeavor, however, I may end up doing the project without much previous experience or advice. The next step is to procure sponsorship while continuing the set-up and development of the project.

I also have been slowly adding more poems to the list of pieces to be included in this exhibition. I will, soon, be looking for a place to record these poems for use at the exhibition-performance as well as compiling these poems into an eBook for online sale. I also have to get the staff together for help with the implementing process. I will also need to look into buying the materials needed to the event. I realize there are a few things that need to be taken care of, but I think that by the end of the month (January), I should have most of these things done, if not all.