This is harder than I thought – Journal (day3)

So my seminar idea, I thought, was great. I was met with some resistance, however. Nothing too serious, just the typical response that has never helped me to better understand the requisites for the project or that helps to develop the idea more. I was stuck for a long time and even began to look into other possible projects instead. Not that I was insistent on using the original topic (of tattoos), but I just couldn’t get a properly thought out idea that worked. It was starting to feel overwhelming – I had this idea that I was excited about that didn’t seem to be working and now that I am trying to think of an alternative, what does come to mind also is working in relation to the requirements of the course.

I hope that the full class coming up will help out a lot. I’m starting to think that I really should change my seminar topic to something more feasible, like proper even execution or maybe go back to poetry and look at that topic in a different light. Either way, I will just run the idea in the full class coming up and see what happens then.


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