Things don’t seem to end – Journal (day12)

I still have to get the prints done. At this stage of the implementation, even with this little time left, I still have many things left to do. The good news is that I have the fabric needed for the space. This week will be totally on painting and finding the funds to do the printing. Not to mention I cannot get a time to meet with my dancers. However, they have their copy of the recording so I expect that they have heard what they will be dancing to. I working on getting a host, but I really am planning to host the event myself. That was always my plan and I don’t mind it staying that way.

No stress though, I am working through all this with a steady pace and a level head. As I always say, “This too shall pass…I too shall pass.” I can still see the possibility of the event happening regardless of the difficulties now, there is just too much progress made for me to be too upset about the set backs.


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