(day10) Journal – Progress report

Yet another tutorial that went well. Though there are activities that are behind, I have confidence that this will all go well. From the tutorial marketing was discussed – sending invitations, handing out flyers, social media reach. Business cards were mentioned as something necessary at the event for brand awareness. In addition, there were suggestions of adding the words of the poems on the floor so that they can be read while walking. The use of space was also talked about in relation to where speakers would be, where food and registration will be and even the dancers. However, all this could not be completely finalized as the venue space, CAG(e) Gallery, was in use for a faculty show. Finally the format of the program was assessed to gain the best possible outcome and crowd control for the event. Not to mention possible decoration of the space. Decor, unfortunately, was not fully thought out and will need to be done as soon as possible.

Regardless, there is still progress made and progress to be made. I’m glad for where I am, though.