Doing what you love can be exciting – Journal (day1)

Just working on the idea has my shaking in my boots with excitement. Since I am currently working on another project, I am holding out on working on this one for now. But, the good thing is, I know exactly what I need to do and when it needs to be done. I am still compiling a list of women to work on this project. The theme of this event is still a bit unclear just now, but I am sure of the fact that I want there to be only women taking pat in the performance and recording of any poetry to be featured at this event. As previously mentioned, I am working on the theme for this event. I’m not sure what will be most rewarding for females to speak about in their poetry without it seeming to alienating from the possible male audience. I will need this to finish my proposal at the end of the month.

Speaking of which, I still don’t know who should be contacted for sponsorship of an event of this kind. Maybe when I finalize my idea I can better know the best direction for requesting sponsorship. It will also be hard to find a studio, that is affordable, that also offers quality service. Otherwise, so far with the little that needs to be done, I am still in on track with the schedule for both shows.