It’s the New Year…Engines are revving. Journal (day4)

Things are slowly starting and the excitement for the show is building with every new development. I have spoken to one of the girls I had in mind for the performance aspect of the show (Jai) and she has agreed to participate. The conversation was short, to the point and she was very willing and excited to be part of this project. Unfortunately, I was still not able to get through to Nicole Smythe-Johnson about the mentorship needed for this project. I was looking forward to working with her on this endeavor, however, I may end up doing the project without much previous experience or advice. The next step is to procure sponsorship while continuing the set-up and development of the project.

I also have been slowly adding more poems to the list of pieces to be included in this exhibition. I will, soon, be looking for a place to record these poems for use at the exhibition-performance as well as compiling these poems into an eBook for online sale. I also have to get the staff together for help with the implementing process. I will also need to look into buying the materials needed to the event. I realize there are a few things that need to be taken care of, but I think that by the end of the month (January), I should have most of these things done, if not all.