Making Progress, slowly, consistently – Journal (day7)

Discussions have lead me to start a wattpad profile and to post my poems there to get a following before starting the sales process. I will only be posting a few from this series, but eventually, I think I could also do this for any other book I decide to start. I am currently at 12 pieces and need only three more, but it is proving a bit more difficult as there is just nothing else to really to write about. Anyway, the first piece, ‘Untitled’, will go up February 10 and others two weeks after that until the show.

A part from tutorials, class time is very helpful to the development of this process as I get to bounce ideas off the other students and there seems to be a better understanding among students. This was proven in the last class where alternatives were introduced (the seminar room and quadrille in front of the seminar room,). Everyone was able to also discuss how the spaces could be used to best suite the event. Along with this, there was also the tutorial held this week where a possible live element to the event was suggested (in the form of Yashika Graham performing a piece), as well as the design of the program for that night. I have been tasked to get the program finished in about two weeks or so.

Since I have not gotten a response from the School of Art on the space requested, CAGE Gallery, I went back to see if anything had changed, nothing. So I will be sending the email again this week as a subtle reminder and see what else I can do. In the meantime, I will be looking at alternatives to this space that will best suit the event.