My first meeting – Journal (day5)

After much waiting and different modes of contact, I finally get through to Nicole. Getting her help, however, will be difficult as she is travelling quite a bit these days and won’t be able to physically meet. But, we are doing our best with digital communication and the difference in time zones. The conversations will be detailed in the remainder of this document.

Another meeting that took place was one with my Lecturer, Ms. Gore. There was a lot that was discussed. There was the possibility of having help from artists, a guest speaker to speak on the design process or on art itself. There was also the suggestion of having a structure in the middle of the exhibition, which gave me the idea of having an illustration of the possible book cover as the last viewing piece. I will need a host, possible performance and speaker. But there are things I think I will keep and things I rather not alter. After reviewing the event, I will make a final decision.