After much thought and a bit of help in learning more of how the site works, I have decided to make some changes on the site to make for better and more cohesive interactions. I have changes the theme, added pages for each respective project and posted journal entries on related pages.

Journal entries have now been separated into posts for the Final Year Show and posts for the Final Year Seminar. Hope all this makes it a bit easier for you to browse the blog. Thank you for your continued support.

– blackafrique


So this seminar thing is coming together better – Journal (day5)

Another tutorial with my adviser sent me on a better path for the direction of the seminar. There were many things I still wasn’t sure about; like the best ways to develop the seminar, what to name topics and how best to arrange the topics so they flow. But, after weeks of doubting and being unsure, I have finally fixed my seminar theme and subsequent topics. Now I just need to get persons to speak on these topics. I also thought of what the space should look like, but since we are once again confined to the Seminar Room, any previous plans have changed. However, while changing my plans for decor isn’t so bad, the space will be difficult to change to suit my vision.

A lot of thought will have to go into the further preparation of this seminar.

Unexpected victories – Journal (day9)

I had my tutorial last week. Normal as ever and I managed to get some issues resolved.

However, a turn of events lead me to the School of Art where I met with the director who was surprised at the origin of the request and willingly accepted it after some checks were made. Since this was off to a good start I felt there was one problem solved.

Currently, I now have to work on getting my MC, guest speaker and live performer to commit to the event. This is taking a bit longer than expected as I am also trying secure persons to speak on the seminar and am trying to keep both projects separated.

Fortunately, I have finished my program design and will now need approval before finalizing the document for distribution on the night of the event.

When things don’t go as planned, Plan something else – Journal (day8)

This past weekend I met with a graphic artist, Andre, to discuss the design of the company logo and book cover that may double as marketing design. I was unable to record the meeting as the venue (Sovereign Mall) prevented us from doing so. I hope to get the design finished soon as I want to start marketing at the end of this month. This comes after some disappointment with another designer, Celia, working on the same project and failing to do so in a timely manner.

I had previously planned to have a meeting with my staff to get them up to speed on I what I would need and their roles in relation to the project. This, unfortunately, failed to happen so instead I started a WattsApp group with the members and have rescheduled the day. I am now waiting on a time to best met with everyone, if not most persons. Any meetings held will be recorded, both in photo and minutes, then notes will be sent to the group for further understanding.

I am also having trouble with confirming a venue. The CAGE Gallery is the ideal place for the exhibition, however, since it is under the jurisdiction of the School of Visual Art, it is a lot more difficult to attain than expected. Therefore, the substitutes for this venue are the Seminar Room, also at the Edna Manley College, and the Old Dramatic Theatre, at the University of West Indies. The latter does have a price attached to it, which is not ideal, but it will fit the concept a bit more than Seminar Room to be honest. On the other hand, the Seminar Room can provide a means to be more creative with the space; adding to points needed for a better grade.

At this point I am taking things as they come and making provisions before I can be disappointed. I also have a few things to consider for the event – a second speaker, an MC, a live ‘element’ separate from the dancers, marketing, budget and program design. I hope to be able to chose what will be best for the show and achieve those feats in due time.

Making Progress, slowly, consistently – Journal (day7)

Discussions have lead me to start a wattpad profile and to post my poems there to get a following before starting the sales process. I will only be posting a few from this series, but eventually, I think I could also do this for any other book I decide to start. I am currently at 12 pieces and need only three more, but it is proving a bit more difficult as there is just nothing else to really to write about. Anyway, the first piece, ‘Untitled’, will go up February 10 and others two weeks after that until the show.

A part from tutorials, class time is very helpful to the development of this process as I get to bounce ideas off the other students and there seems to be a better understanding among students. This was proven in the last class where alternatives were introduced (the seminar room and quadrille in front of the seminar room,). Everyone was able to also discuss how the spaces could be used to best suite the event. Along with this, there was also the tutorial held this week where a possible live element to the event was suggested (in the form of Yashika Graham performing a piece), as well as the design of the program for that night. I have been tasked to get the program finished in about two weeks or so.

Since I have not gotten a response from the School of Art on the space requested, CAGE Gallery, I went back to see if anything had changed, nothing. So I will be sending the email again this week as a subtle reminder and see what else I can do. In the meantime, I will be looking at alternatives to this space that will best suit the event.

Well…this is why a focus group of peers is so important – Journal (day4)

Finally, I have met with the full class for the seminar and they seem to be well on board with the idea of a seminar on tattoos. Topics and a new title were suggested and ideas were just flying that day. The final topic chosen was, ‘The Body As A Canvas’. This would look at a myriad of other sub-topics like: Tattoos in the workplace, Tattoos in society, The family and perceptions of tattoos, The culture of tattoos and Tattoos in fashion. The best part of this is the need to now narrow down my options for the sake of the time limit of the seminar.

Now to have the tutorial that will help with all this and to start contacting the persons that will be fit for these topics.

This is harder than I thought – Journal (day3)

So my seminar idea, I thought, was great. I was met with some resistance, however. Nothing too serious, just the typical response that has never helped me to better understand the requisites for the project or that helps to develop the idea more. I was stuck for a long time and even began to look into other possible projects instead. Not that I was insistent on using the original topic (of tattoos), but I just couldn’t get a properly thought out idea that worked. It was starting to feel overwhelming – I had this idea that I was excited about that didn’t seem to be working and now that I am trying to think of an alternative, what does come to mind also is working in relation to the requirements of the course.

I hope that the full class coming up will help out a lot. I’m starting to think that I really should change my seminar topic to something more feasible, like proper even execution or maybe go back to poetry and look at that topic in a different light. Either way, I will just run the idea in the full class coming up and see what happens then.