So much time has passed and I have not reached where I should be – Journal (day2)

After weeks of much consideration I have finally decided on what I wanted to do for the seminar. Unfortunately, this is just an idea and not a fully fleshed out thought. Maybe a few talks with other may help.

The idea is tattoos. That’s it, not much is really coming to me after that. Though, after some research, I have found that there is a lot to talk about when it comes to talking abut tattoos and different perspectives from which to choose. From misconceptions people have to stereotypes that follow those with tattoos. These topics are vast and also involve looking at the history tattoos as well. But even with all of that, I feel as if the info is all over the place and has no concise direction. Even trying to figure out the aim for this seminar is difficult as I have no clear vision of the topic and where it can go.