The first Meeting was the Last – Journal (day6)

After a long wait, my last message was finally responded to. Unfortunately, it was to say that Nicole would not be able to help me with the project. I was already anticipating this as there was no communication and I knew she was overseas.

I have two graphic artists who will do illustrations for different parts of the project. The first, Celia, will be working on the book cover which will double as the background for the marketing material. The second, Lushane, will be doing the illustrations that will be going on the wall hangings. After much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that the wall hangings will have a print on the background with the words of the poems painted on top.

From discussions in class today as well, there were suggestions of another venue for the project is the CAGE Gallery doesn’t work out. The outside area, just below the Gallery was most liked as it would provide a platform for a live performance versus the recorded version of the original project.

The CAGE, however, has already been requested and the hope is now to get the venue and continue forth with the progress as planned.