When things don’t go as planned, Plan something else – Journal (day8)

This past weekend I met with a graphic artist, Andre, to discuss the design of the company logo and book cover that may double as marketing design. I was unable to record the meeting as the venue (Sovereign Mall) prevented us from doing so. I hope to get the design finished soon as I want to start marketing at the end of this month. This comes after some disappointment with another designer, Celia, working on the same project and failing to do so in a timely manner.

I had previously planned to have a meeting with my staff to get them up to speed on I what I would need and their roles in relation to the project. This, unfortunately, failed to happen so instead I started a WattsApp group with the members and have rescheduled the day. I am now waiting on a time to best met with everyone, if not most persons. Any meetings held will be recorded, both in photo and minutes, then notes will be sent to the group for further understanding.

I am also having trouble with confirming a venue. The CAGE Gallery is the ideal place for the exhibition, however, since it is under the jurisdiction of the School of Visual Art, it is a lot more difficult to attain than expected. Therefore, the substitutes for this venue are the Seminar Room, also at the Edna Manley College, and the Old Dramatic Theatre, at the University of West Indies. The latter does have a price attached to it, which is not ideal, but it will fit the concept a bit more than Seminar Room to be honest. On the other hand, the Seminar Room can provide a means to be more creative with the space; adding to points needed for a better grade.

At this point I am taking things as they come and making provisions before I can be disappointed. I also have a few things to consider for the event – a second speaker, an MC, a live ‘element’ separate from the dancers, marketing, budget and program design. I hope to be able to chose what will be best for the show and achieve those feats in due time.